Clear Paint Protection Wraps

Clear paint protection wraps
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Now there is finally a way to keep your vehicle looking great for a lifetime while enhancing its resale value! At Race Wrap we offer a super tough transparent urethane film which helps protect your paint and lights from stones, sand, road debris, bug acids, scratching, weathering and other harsh conditions which destroys your new-car finish and your investment. This advanced technology which was originally developed for the military and used by F1, NASCAR and V8 Supercars teams can be used to safeguard vulnerable painted surfaces in either a full wrap. Typical kit includes

  • Top of Rear Bumper Strip
  • Mirror Backs
  • Full Bonnet or Bonnet Strip
  • Full Front Guard or Guard Pieces
  • Headlights
  • Spotlights/Foglights
  • Full Front Bumper

Or as little as our wear and tear packages, which include door edges, boot ledge, and door cups. To give you first line of defense agains the inevitable. All kits are model specific from our database and are genuine computer-cut films that are applied to the paintwork. The film has a special adhesive so that it can be removed without damaging your paintwork. It's practically invisible and doesn't change the colour, shape or aerodynamics of your vehicle and has no mechanical attachment unlike unsightly guards or vehicle bras. Race Wrap is recognised as a 3M paint protection film certified applicator. We can also supply DIY kits world wide. Race Wrap is proud to supply and install for Jim Richards Racing.

Nano Sealing

Nano sealing
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Race Wrap only uses the best German nano sealants that is a ultra-new sealant technology that is based at a molecular level. Research into surface coatings has been continuing for many years and now Race Wrap is able to provide these engineered sealants to provide extreme durability while offering exceptional finish. So far Race Wrap offers glass, paint, wheels, convertible tops, textiles and leather which all can be coated with Nano products which produces an amazing repellency and protects them from the elements extending there life span.
Nano paint sealant is not a cheap silicon based paint “protection”. But it is a high technology sealant / coating especially for paint to protect your car and make it easier to clean. The Nanotechnology is designed to coat the paint with a durable layer that will help repel water, dust and dirt, making it much harder for these contaminants to adhere to the car. This will also allow the car to be washed much more easily, with the weaker bonds of the dirt being broken down with just a pressure washer or pH balanced wash shampoo.
Harsh chemicals and scrubbing will no longer be required and cleaning time for your car will be dramatically reduced.
The application of Nano paint sealant will also add intense shine to the paint surface and seal the gloss in, leaving a slick feel to the paint. This advanced chemical sealant will not wash off, it is designed to repel water, dirt, oils and other pollutants that usually stick to your paint.

Nano Glass Sealing

Nano glass sealing
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Race Wrap uses Nanotechnology which is designed to coat the glass surface with a durable layer that will help repel rain and dirt, making it much harder for these contaminants to adhere to the glass and simply ‘slip off’ with the motion of the car. Nano glass Sealant is superior to all other glass products because of its durable composition, and depending on driving and weather conditions, it can last for 12+ months on windscreens and longer on glass surfaces without wipers. We know of customers who have never used there wipers after we nano sealed the glass! Great for race cars and your daily drive. Nano glass sealing is one of our best selling services and our customers have given us at Race Wrap great feedback and are amazed at how well it works.

Trim Sealing

Trim sealing
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At race wrap we are proud to offer a premium trim sealant which is based on crystal resin technology, coating surfaces in a layer of ultra-durable resin around 50x thicker than a coat of wax or sealant. Being so thick makes it perfect for use on exterior plastic trim – especially trim that has faded or is textured. It rejuvenates, protects and adds shine while offering amazing durability. Your trim will bead up just as freshly waxed/sealed paintwork!
It comes in two options;

  • Satin giving a ‘natural look’ to the finish to the trim.
  • Gloss clearly giving a Gloss finish to the trim.

Matte Wraps

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If you are after the stealth look then matte vinyl is for you! By bringing a unique look that's distinctly different to the traditional high gloss paints used on cars. You can add a more sinister appeal to any car. It comes in a range of colours: white, black, silver, military green, orange, grey, blue, deep black, just to mention a few! And if its not matte or black enough for you we have a deep black super matte.

Carbonfiber and 3D Textured Wraps

3D carbonfiber wrap
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For the race car look you cant go past Race Wrap 3D carbon fiber it looks and feels just like the real thing. It comes in a large range of colours from pearl white, black, bright silver, graphite grey just to name a few! It is a great cost effective way to add some style to your vehicle by adding it to things like trim and mirrors. Carbon fiber looks great as a roof and bonnet package. Other textures include brushed metal in a range of colours, alligator skin and leather and even sequins in three colours!

Roof and Bonnet Packages

Roof and bonnet packages
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Race Wrap can supply and install a custom roof and bonnet package, from gloss or matte, carbon fiber, or any other wrap film you are after.

Custom/Racing stripes

Custom/Racing stripes
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Race Wrap can design and install any racing stripes that you are after. The possibilities are endless and only limited to your imagination. We can also fit factory stripe kits.

Full Vehicle Wraps

Full vehicle wraps
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Race Wrap can install a custom vinyl wrap which gives your vehicles a distinctive look to stand out of the crowd. We will remove all items to allow total coverage of the part without cuts or seams. We currently use 3M, Hexis, and Avery wrap films for the best possible results with options of matte, carbonfiber, brushed metal, solid color gloss, pearls, metallics, chrome and even alligator skin and grain leather and with more on the way! We can totally change the look of you vehicle with out the hassle of painting. The high quality films protect your paintwork from stone chips, weathering and abrasions and is 100% removable. Race Wrap uses knife-less techniques where possible to protect your paint work. Obviously pricing is variable depending on make and model, difficulty of installation as well as how much material is used. Wraps are not limited to cars we have wrapped motorbike fairings, fridges, wheels, microwaves, kitchens, the possibilities are endless!! And for all you Do It Yourselfers Race Wrap can supply a vinyl kit to suit your needs. Race Wrap is recognised as completed 3M Advanced Applicator Training, and completed Hexis Car Wrap Basic and Pro training. 

Wrap Removal Service

Wrap removal service
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If you want to sell the vehicle, or want to change back to original paintwork Race Wrap can sort you out with our removal service that returns your vehicle to original, polished and ready to go. All Race Wrap vinyl wraps are 100% removable without paint work damage to your factory paint finish.

Hand Waxing and Polishing

Hand Waxing and polishing
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If you are old school and not into Nanotechnology Race Wrap now offers the ultimate vehicle waxing firstly we will wash then hand clay your paintwork to remove contaminants. As with any premium wax your paintwork is prepared by using a product to pre-wax clean and prime before applying our super premium wax to achieve the very best finish possible. The new super premium wax is custom made and has no added colourings or fragrances to make it as pure and effective, as possible. The enhanced formula contains a superior percentage of the highest grade carnauba wax, maximising the purity of the core ingredients. Race Wrap are confident that this new wax is of such a high quality that it will compete with waxes costing several hundred or thousands of dollars more. For ultimate results we apply by hand using a light pressure with finger tips and palms to massage it into the paintwork. Then after it dries it is buffed off to an intense deep shine with a high quality microfibre cloth. Then the surface is left for a further 2-4 hours, and then re-buff to remove any remaining oils. The second layer is applied after 24 hours with the same process repeated.

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